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With FocusChrist Blog you're not only sharing your voice with the world, but you join an active online community. You can sign up and become a member of the FocusChrist International community.

What can members do?

As a member you can follow other members in the community, write and reply to comments and get notifications. Each member gets their own personal profile page that they can customize.

FocusChrist blog writer

You can also become one of our blog writers so you can write posts for FocusChrist blog. As a writer you will have the privilege of joining the Editors team and share ideas with other writers who work behind the scenes to make living for Christ a reality for many though their writings. We must all continue to encourage ourselves and spur one another on in love as we see the Day of the Lord approaching.

How to impact your community as a member:

  1. Join a group of believers who place value on Christ.

  2. Be an example in your home and at work.

  3. Be ready to share how Christ Jesus has changed your life.

1 Comment

Eugene Kwakye
Eugene Kwakye
Feb 17, 2023

This is an amazing idea.

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